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“Jeque Mate (Sheik Mate)” basado en una historia de real December 29, 2014

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29 de Diciembre 2014




Story of a con and the end of an era.

Set in Caracas, 1982. What many consider as the last year of what was known as “Saudi Venezuela”… based on true facts. Sheik Ali Al-Tamini, meets two Venezuelan tycoons at a casino in Aruba island. Impressed by his royal presence, the men invite Ali to visit Caracas with the promise of a potential multimillion dollar deal.

At his arrival, Sheik Ali is received with a high society party, where surprisingly sees his ex-partner Daniela, and learns she’s now married to his benefactor.

Ali then sets into gear his plan by making friends and business partners. All of them ignorant of the scam, blinded by the wealthy fantasy the Sheik reflects. Businessmen, society ladies, plastic artists… all of them fall for the charming and attractive Ali. Except for Daniela, whom rejects his advances and wants to uncover his true identity, even though she still feels strongly attracted to him…

Unbeknownst to both, the police and the Interpol are closing in…


 Fuente: cinando; slated



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