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Jeff Korbelik: History’s ‘Six’ packs an action punch January 16, 2017

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15 de Enero 2017

History’s track record with original programming has been noteworthy, from its series “Vikings” with its cult following to the Emmy-winning “Hatfields & McCoys” (2012) and impressive reboot of “Roots” (2016).

Not surprisingly, “Six,” the new military drama from the Weinstein Company, is another feather in its cap. Co-creators and writers are William Broyles, an Emmy-nominated Vietnam veteran, and his son, David, a military special operations veteran.

“Six” premieres on History (Spectrum channels 49 and 107) at 9 p.m. Wednesday. Inspired by real missions, the eight-episode first season follows the members of Navy SEAL Team Six in and out of combat.

After an operation in Afghanistan goes awry, the team returns to states to resume their “normal” lives. Their work and extended absences, however, have taken a toll on their family lives. So when the team’s former commander — Walton Goggins (“Justified,” “Vice Principals”) — is captured in Nigeria, the team is itching to regroup and rescue him.

The team includes Barry Sloane (“Revenge”), Kyle Schmid (“Copper”) and Juan Pablo Raba (“Narcos”).

While action scenes from such military fare as “The Last Ship” come off as a bit hokey, that’s not the case with “Six.” The combat looks and feels real. That’s a credit to the Broyles. With TV veterans Goggins and Sloane, the acting’s on par with action.

My only complaint: All of the principal SEAL members have trouble at home. I know it adds conflict for dramatic purposes, but couldn’t one of them be well adjusted. Grade: B+

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