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More info about new movie project “Imprisoned” (2017) May 2, 2017

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Plot Summary “Imprisoned”

Diego Blanco has made many mistakes in his life, but he put his dark past behind him when he found the love of his life, Maria. Diego works as an open water fisherman, while Maria runs a quaint seaport coffee shop. It is the idyllic life they both never dreamed they’d achieve. But when the local prison warden, Daniel Carlito, falls in love with Maria, he’ll stop at nothing to have her, including framing Diego for murder. When Diego is locked away under the Warden Carlito’s charge, the hunter becomes the hunted. But Diego’s will is too strong to let Warden Carlito turn him back into the man he once was, and he chooses righteousness over revenge. It’s an act of sacrifice and love for his beloved wife and the child that Diego will never meet.

Juan Pablo Raba character is called Dylan in the upcoming indie thriller “Imprisoned”.



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